Ünal Sentetik Management Center

Building is setted on 2.500 square meters. During the process few designes were made for the building but the design that the letter ? U? is used as a metaphore was choosen as the by the employer.
Between the legs of the letter ?U? the main circulation areas are setted. administrative units and the workers offices are placed to the other parts of the building.
At the roof floor one very wıde meeting room is placed. At the same time there are resting rooms, guest rooms and dining rooms placed at the roof floor.
The building has a square form . İncluding the base floor is totally 4 floored. Betwwen the legs of the letter ?U? is steel constructioned and covered with glass. The concrete skeleton of the other parts of the building is reinforced and covered with stone and silicone dressing.

Interior of the buiding is designed in a modern style.