Restoration of Saint Bedros Church

Saint Bedros Church is one of the typical Armenian Gregorianchurches of the late 19th century. The church was built in 1843-1866(the period of 8th Armenian Patric Saint Bedros) and has foundaccidentally during the construction of a road. It holds an area of 304 m2 with1 apse, 2 apsidal, 2 naphtha, 1 entrance, 1 domed hall, 1 Baptist and Priest room.The church was constructed with traditional basalt rocks and limestone. Duringthe republican period, the church has been used as a spinning factory and dyehouse. After the restoration project made by Gaziantep Greater Municipality,the church transformed to a cultural center and has been using for events likeexhibitions, conferences, and concerts. A carpet formed seating area had been designed for the backyard using natural stones of the region. Green hills are for creating perspective angles and the transparent leave forms are for rain and wind controled areas and finally the site had been surrounded by an informal metal fence.